Zaron D’Luxe Brush Set




This is a 5-piece brush set that’s perfect for on-the go makeup touch ups. Throw it in your handbag and retouch your makeup whenever you want.

The set contains:

1) POWDER BRUSH: Dab brush into the powder and apply the product on your face by dabbing and spreading for an even finish.
2) BLUSH BRUSH: Dab brush into your blush and apply on your cheekbone in a circular motion after dusting off excess. For highlight and contour, dab brush into your Zaron Face Definer, dust off excess and apply in all your highlight and contour areas. Ensure to blend while applying the products to avoid harsh lines.
3) FOUNDATION BRUSH: Dip the brush into the liquid or cream foundation/concealer and apply on your skin using even strokes while blending onto the skin. Make sure to blend thoroughly to avoid harsh lines.
4) EYESHADOW BRUSH: Dab brush into your Eyeshadow, then dab and sweep products onto your eyelids.
5) ANGLE BRUSH: Use to highlight brows, to fill in brows and to create strokes for makeup application. Can be used with cream, liquid or powder products.: Use to brush brows in place before, during and after applying brow products.


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